Waxing Services

Pre-Waxing Instructions:

  • 2 weeks of hair growth or 1/4 to 1 inch is ideal for waxing most areas

  • Limit your caffeine intake the day of your appointment

  • Within 24 hours of appointment:

    • Only use gentle cleanser

    • Do not trim hair

    • Do NOT tan (artificially or naturally)

    • Do NOT use self-tanners, moisturizers, or exfoliating scrubs within 24 hours

  • 48 hours before appointment:

    • Do NOT use products that exfoliate or dry out the skin​

  • Other precautions to be aware of:

    • If you are pregnant, you may be more sensitive to waxing and bruising​

    • Schedule your appointment 48 hours before any important events

    • Waxing on spray tanned skin my remove color from the skin

    • Females are generally least sensitive to waxing in the first 2 weeks after their cycle ended.

Facial Services

Eyebrow Wax                                      $16
Lip wax                                                $14 
Lip/Brow Combo                                 $25
Chin                                                      $12
Hairline                                                $10
Sideburns                                            $12
Cheeks                                                 $10
Neck                                                     $14
Full Face                                              $45

  Includes: *Brow *Lip *Chin *Neck *Nose           *Sideburns *Cheek *Hairline

Upper Body Services

Full Arm                                             $45
Underarm                                           $20
Half Arm                                             $35​
   Choose between upper and lower arm.
Full Chest                                           $50
Full Stomach                                     $30
Full Back                                            $75
Partial Back                                        $35

Lower Body Services

Full Butt                                                        $25
Bikini                                                             $45
  Removes pubic hair without butt strip ​
Bikini Line                                                    $15
  Removes pubic hair only around the panty line.
Butt Strip                                                      $10
Brazilian                                                       $65
  Removes pubic hair including the butt strip.
Brazilian w/ Jelly Mask                                         $85

Inner Thigh                                                   $20
Full Leg                                                        $80
Half Leg                                                        $45
  Choose between upper and lower leg.