Neck Massage


Swedish Massage

The Swedish Massage incorporates light to firm pressure and is designed to promote relaxation, improve circulation, reduce stress hormones, and stretch surface muscles.

30 min.~ $50     60 min.~ $80

90 min.~ $110

Deep Tissue / Sports Massage

A Deep Tissue, or Sports Massage incorporates a consistently firm

pressure to focus on realigning the deeper layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia and supports stretching and lengthening the muscles. 

30 min.~ $60     60 min.~ $90

90 min.~ $125

Cupping Massage

 Cupping involves placing cups on the skin to create suction. This technique helps to improve blood circulation, release toxins, stimulate lymphatic drainage, and clear colonic blockages. Cupping also helps to reduce stretch marks, eliminate cellulite and offers relief  from pain, asthma, anxiety, fatigue, headaches and fibromyalgia.

30 min.~ $60     60 min.~ $90

90 min.~ $125

Hot Stone Massage

Want a massage that is deeply relaxing and highly beneficial?  This form of massage therapy utilizes smooth, round, heated stones to promote deeper muscle relaxation

that melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness and increases circulation.

75 min. ~  $125

Prenatal Massage

The Prenatal Massage applies the same technique as our Swedish Massage but is designed for our clients who are more than 12 weeks pregnant.  

30 min.~ $50     60 min.~ $80

90 min.~ $110

Massage for Two

Whether it is time with a friend or a partner, you can't miss with time spent in our Couples Room. You will start off with time in the sauna sharing sparkling cider and then pamper yourselves with hand paraffin dips.  Choose between an hour or 30 minutes - your choice.


Mini Couples - $110

Full Couples - $170